My Class Flow (Part 5 of 5)

Here’s the flow:

  • Get there early to set up
  • Challenge Verse
  • Start of Class
  • Memory Verses
  • Homework and Break
  • Activity
  • Question Time

This last portion of the class is for when we have about 10 minutes or so, and I have prepared for this particular activity.

Again, keep in mind that I have an hour and half with my class, so if you have less time than that, you’ll need to tweak my system.


Question Time

This is new, and it has been so interesting so far! I’ve told the kids they can submit questions to me, and when we have time at the end of class (like 10 minutes or so at the very end), I’ll answer them. There’s a stack of index cards for them to write their questions down for me so I have a chance to prepare the answers and pull the necessary Scripture. Now, these questions can be anything at all they would ask the Bible. They don’t have to have anything to do with the study at all. This is their chance to get their burning questions answered, and for me to show them how I went through the process of finding the answer. That means having them read the different Scriptures I have related to the question, and asking them how each one relates to our discussion. I try to lay out all the dots and have them connect them as much as possible. There has been some spirited debate during this time in class, and my only rule is that you have to reason from Scripture! I’m not going to lie—this has been one of my favorite things that has come out of the class!

I’ll write a separate post about their questions (and the answers), and how to walk them through it step by step. But for now, you get the idea.


Once we reach the end of our time, I ask if anyone wants to close us in prayer. We’re at the point that someone usually will; if it’s not a kid, it’s a parent. If not, I close us, and we’re done.



You can see that the basics are there- pray, review homework, and pray again. Flexibility comes in the form of Scripture Memory, activities, games, and Question Time. If there’s no extra time, it’s fine just to get through the homework. If there’s half an hour of extra time, there are great ways to fill it without resorting to a series of coloring sheets and word searches.

Really steward the time you have with your class wisely. There’s some major discipling going on, and they’re ready for it!


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