Review: Family Time Training

There are a lot of fantastic resources on my list to review and point you toward, but this is the one I definitely want to recommend first. It’s a series of books by Family Time Training, and I just love them to pieces.

Family Time logo

We discovered Family Time at a training session at our church. It was perfect timing because my husband and I both had a strong desire to do something at home to teach our kids truths about God. Since neither of us grew up with that, we were starting from scratch. At the end of the meeting, we marched back to the merchandise table and bought three of the books. We used them for years, later buying more as our kids got older.

Here’s what we love about the Family Time books- they make it really easy on the parents and really fun for the kids.

Each lesson has a list of the things you need, and everything else is written out so all you have to do is read it. There’s just not much preparation here, but the quality of the time you spend together and the quality of the lessons is solid. Basically, you come off looking like a rock star.

Sometimes, you’ll already have everything you need at home. Other times, you’ll need to plan ahead a little to pick up a few things at the store. For example, there was a great lesson that required several kinds of traps. I just made a point to get some on my next trip to the store, no big whoop. There are plenty of activities that use household stuff, though, so there’s no shame in throwing it together at the last minute!

To get a better idea of how this would look in your home, check out these videos. The first one splices in commentary with an actual family doing an activity, and the second video is just the activity. Watch the second one first; it was one of our all-time favorite activities!

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes advice for you. If you’re fortunate enough that both parents are committed to doing these, remember that the father is set as the spiritual leader of the home. (That doesn’t make mom a mousy little nobody. Not by a long shot!) But my husband always appreciated when I had everything ready, and all I had to do was hand the book over to him while I was getting dinner on the table so he would be ready to lead. It’s called being a helpmate, ladies. And it’s showing the kids exactly how God wants His families to run!

There are books for different ages, or for all ages. I really encourage you to go check it out, and maybe sign up to receive their emails. You’ll get a free activity every month. You can also bypass buying individual books and sign up for All Access, which gets you into an entire library of activities. We already had quite a few books, so we didn’t go that route. But I’ll bet it is a treasure trove in there! If you sign up, please come back and tell me how it is!

Let me leave you with this. Looking back, I can’t think of a better way to spend the time we spent together on Family Time activities. I just can’t. Years later, our kids remember not just the cool activities, but the biblical truths that went with them. Years later. And they always LOVED doing them and looked forward to them. Our kids are 11 and 13 now, and we still pull out our book from time to time, even though we’re doing a different study now. I can promise you this: You will never get a better return on the investment of that time with your family.

Have you used Family Time books before? If so, tell me about it! And if you go try it, come back and give us a report!

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