Review: Passport 2 Purity

Face it, moms and dads. At some point*, you are going to have to look your little darling in their darting eyes and tell them about… the birds and the bees. Everyone dreads it because let’s face it, it’s awkward for everyone involved.

Review: Passport 2 Purity    Review: Passport 2 Purity

But it must be done, and I have good news.

With both of our kids, we used the Passport 2 Purity kits. The Raineys have done all the set-up for you–there are CDs, activities/object lessons, a journal, a plan for a getaway with your child, and a few cool things for you to do before you go.

Review: Passport 2 Purity


A word about the getaway. If it seems like overkill, let me just encourage you to trust the good people who wrote this material. The getaway really sets this time apart as special and important, and it gives you both a profound sense of privacy. When I took my daughter, we headed out to a B&B about an hour away. We had a great time goofing off in the room, talking through the material, and taking shopping breaks. We still joke about it as “Trauma Weekend,” but there’s no question that she remembers that weekend!

You’re encouraged to present your child with a gift at the end of the weekend, and there are ideas for that, too. Again, invest in that extra step. It really communicates to your child that you love him or her, that this is a really important topic, that you are forever available, and–this is a big one–that they are growing up.

* “At some point” is probably sooner than you think. When you consider our oversexed culture and the readily available content (from the internet to billboards), our kids are exposed to sexuality pretty early, and they are going to notice it pretty early. It is much better to be the first one in with any of this information. Much better. Because this material is divided out into chapters on different things, you have control over what you cover and what you save for later. Just don’t forget to cover it later!

Also, there’s a lot of wisdom in having two talks with girls-the first one earlier about puberty and menstruation, and then the sex talk later. With boys, you can roll it all into your getaway weekend.

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