“Rev” up to study with us this Fall!

For years, my students have been asking–very energetically–to study Revelation. I put it off, telling them they needed to get a solid understanding of the inductive process before we took on Revelation. (Plus, it’s not going to tell them what they think it will!)


Well, the wait is over, my friends. This next school year, we’re studying Revelation in the 4th through 6th grade class! I’ve been preparing for it, and I’m pretty excited about taking a class through this study. My goal is that by the end of the study, they know exactly what it says, and how all the most solid cross-references add to the conversation. My goal is NOT that they finish with a particular end-times view. That will come later.

I have a strong conviction about this. I think you’d agree that most adults adhere to a certain end-times view because they’ve heard a convincing presentation of one of the views, with all the Scripture that backs it up. To me, that is backwards. It is far more important to study the Scripture first, know what it says in total, and then either draw conclusions yourself or hear different perspectives and see if they square up with what you already know the Bible says.

No Rev Dummies

That said, we’re doing this Revelation study a little differently than we’ve ever done any other kids’ Precept study before. We will spend all of our homework time and most of our class time on Observation. We are going to know that we know that we know what it says! And we’re going to do some new, fun stuff to make Observation a lot of fun.

That’s all I’m going to tell you. If you want to know what we’re doing, come study with us! Parents, I can promise you that you will get as much out of the study as your kids, and I’ll bet you will be blown away by the conversations you’ll have at home.

This is exciting! Don’t miss it!

5 thoughts on ““Rev” up to study with us this Fall!

    • jenniferbussey says:

      That’s great that you had some friends who were interested enough to join up with a study. It’s so much easier just to let someone else do all the study on Revelation and agree with whatever they say. Yea for them (and you)!

      I read your comments about the In & Out study, so thanks for posting that. As I mentioned, I’ve been using the New Inductive Series book to get ready for class. It has been helpful, but has a lot of the same material as what I’m finding in the kids’ Precept Revelation study. I think you and I are on the same page- there’s quite a spectrum between In & Out and PUP. And I think that’s good because it means there’s something for everyone regardless of where they are in their walk. Thanks for the comments!


  1. Caron says:

    Sorry just found your reply! I did not do the Part 1 since we feel we have looked at the messages to the churches several times. So far with Part 2, I am not happy with the In and Out version. I regret now I did not get my classmates (all adults) the Precept Upon Precept version (I have a older version of that study), I feel it has more “meat” to it. Three full chapters of the In and Out are drawing what we see in each chapter of Revelation, we don’t want to draw! We will finish it, but I do not recommend it.


  2. Caron says:

    Awesome! I actually just ordered the new In&Out version of Revelation 2 from Precept to do for myself. I am looking forward to studying what Revelation really says.


    • jenniferbussey says:

      That’s great! Did you do the first part with In & Out? If so, let me know how it is. I’m using the New Inductive Series study of Revelation (“Behold, Jesus Is Coming”) in preparation for class, so I’d be interested in how the In & Out one is. Let me know how your study goes!


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