Free Family Time Activity: Thinning (Don’t Worry, It’s not about Dieting!)

family Bible study

It’s that time of year, my friends. We’re looking for meaningful things to do together as a family, and as Christian parents, we’re fighting the culture and trying to keep Christmas about the birth of Christ, serving others, and feeling loved by God.

It ain’t easy!

Here’s a Family Time activity that will hit all those soft spots.

Bonus #1: You can do it one evening.

Bonus #2: You can make it a Christmas tradition.

Family Time Thinning

It’s about recognizing your family’s abundance and showing gratitude by letting some of your material things go as a way to bless someone who doesn’t have as much. The activity will walk you through every step, including Scripture to accompany the activity and how to use it with younger kids and older kids. This one can’t miss!

If you like it, go check out You can be added to their email list and get a free activity every month, and you can also check out their selection of books full of these activities.

Merry Christmas!

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