Free Family Time Activities: Christian Living

I’m grouping some Family Time activities that relate to Christian living. These would be good to do in a series as a way of talking to your kids about what it means to live out their faith. What arefamily Bible study the disciplines of our faith, and why are they important? These activities create a fun, interactive atmosphere to start having these conversations. As you “walk along the way,” I would encourage you to look for opportunities to refer back to these lessons in everyday life. That way, kids connect Christian living with their real lives beyond Family Time evenings or church.


  • The prayer activity covers the four ways God answers our prayers. The object lessons are great, but heads up, they require some advance planning.

Family Time Activity: Answers to Prayer


  • The schedule activity is about making Jesus a priority in our lives and not letting other things crowd Him out or make it difficult to follow Him. This one has an obstacle course, and what kid doesn’t love an obstacle course?

Family Time Activity: Don’t Schedule Jesus Out


  • A cool card trick teaches that God loves everyone, sinners and believers alike. This is an important lesson as kids begin to learn who God is, and what His nature is.

Family Time Activity: God Loves Everyone


  • Praise and worship should be an attitude we take with us throughout the day. In this activity, children learn that worship is so important, and God is so worthy of it, that even the rocks will cry out in worship.

Family Time Activity: Rocks Cry Out


  • Children are definitely not too young to start learning the importance of evangelism. In fact, they have friends that they are uniquely positioned to reach, even better than a grown-up can. This activity is all about sharing with friends.

Family Time Activity: Share Faith with Friends


  • The last activity is focused on maturity by teaching your child about remembering and honoring his or her personal history with Jesus. Remembering times when we felt closest to Him keeps us running after Him.

Family Time Activity: Signs

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