Free Family Time Activities: Palm Sunday, Passover, and Easter

Easter is coming early this year, so if you haven’t dusted off the Resurrection Eggs, pulled out your Easter storybooks, or gotten any of your other family Easter traditions in order, it’s time!

Here are a couple of Family Time activities you can incorporate into your family’s celebration of the Easter season. They really help kids get into the spirit of the history of Easter, they may want family Bible studyto do them every year. The Palm Sunday activity is a way of play-acting the events of Palm Sunday, and since you make your palms (and possibly, a donkey), the kids can play it over and over in the days leading up to Palm Sunday.

The Passover activity is an abbreviated seder meal, complete with comments on Christ’s fulfillment. Hosting a Christian seder is a popular way to see God’s big picture, and a lot of families have taken to doing this yearly. Family Time gives you a shorter version that children in a range of ages will enjoy and learn from.

Download and print these off today, gather the items you need, and look forward to a fun and meaningful time with your kiddos.

Happy Easter! He is risen! He is risen indeed!

Family Time Activity: Palm Sunday, Easter

Family Time Activity: Passover and Easter

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