Daniel, Part One: You’re a Brave Man, Daniel!

In Precept’s Daniel, Part One: You’re a Brave Man, Daniel!, you’ll cover the first six chapters of the Old Testament book of Daniel. Plenty of excitement is in these pages, as you read about Daniel and his friends being carried off to Babylon, refusing the king’s food, facing the fiery furnace and a den of hungry lions, and a strange dream about a prophetic statue.And just wait to see how God humbles a very proud king!

Learn for yourself the importance of making difficult decisions before you’re in difficult situations, and see how God’s sovereignty is at work no matter whose kingdom is ruling.

Want to see how to stay true to God in a culture that is against Him? See how Daniel does it, and YOU can be a Daniel today.

Daniel, Part One- Zero Lesson/First Class Meeting

For the first class meeting, I always do what we call a “Zero Lesson.” That just means it’s a lesson before the first homework is assigned. We won’t dive into the book’s homework until the second class meeting. The first class meeting gives me a chance to introduce myself to the class and get to know a little about new students who are willing to speak up, and also to reconnect with returning students. I also go over the mechanics of the class, like the syllabus, the Challenge Verse, and Scripture Memory.

Once the “business” part of the class time is over, I go right into teaching what Inductive Bible Study is. Because I like my class time to be as interactive as possible, Continue reading

Daniel, Part One: Week One

Daniel Part One: Week One

(These are my notes beyond what is already in the Precept book. Of course, in class, we go over all the homework, and I have the kids read most of the time when there are paragraphs or sidebars. We don’t read through the Max and Molly story sections in class, just because of time.

Reminder: I only have my class do three days of homework at a time, but I am writing these posts a full week at a time so they correlate with the book. Consequently, some things like the Challenge Verses won’t always fall on the same days.)

Day One


Challenge Verse: 1 Tim 4:16

“Pay close attention to yourself and to your teaching; persevere in these things, for as you do this you will ensure salvation both for yourself and for those who hear you.”

My point- This is the “watch your life and doctrine” verse, as it has it in another translation. It means, watch what you do and what you believe. What you believe will dictate what you do, so make sure you are studying to understand correctly.

Ask last week’s volunteer if he found out what Daniel means. “God is my judge.” Interesting, right? Think about the context of Daniel’s upbringing and the situation he finds himself in. Why do you think this name is significant? (He is far from home and from his family. He is being subjected to other influences. He could easily sway from his faith, but if he stands firm on the truth that God—not Nebuchadnezzar, not the commander, not new peers or false gods—is his judge, he can stay the course and be used by God in the midst of a wildly pagan culture.) Continue reading