Review: Family Time Training

There are a lot of fantastic resources on my list to review and point you toward, but this is the one I definitely want to recommend first. It’s a series of books by Family Time Training, and I just love them to pieces.

Family Time logo

We discovered Family Time at a training session at our church. It was perfect timing because my husband and I both had a strong desire to do something at home to teach our kids truths about God. Since neither of us grew up with that, we were starting from scratch. At the end of the meeting, we marched back to the merchandise table and bought three of the books. We used them for years, later buying more as our kids got older.

Here’s what we love about the Family Time books- they make it really easy on the parents and really fun for the kids.

Each lesson has a list of the things you need, and Continue reading

Reviews You Can Use!

Books, studies, online resources, games, and anything else I find that will help you and your child grow closer to God through the study of His Word. For example, I know how hard it is to do a regular family devotional time, but I’ll have some resources that will make it both easy and fun. I’ll include things for kids and families, and some great resources especially for you as you step up to guide and teach.

Let me know if there are particular kinds of resources you need, and I’ll help you find just what you need!