What We’ve Learned about God’s Word in Revelation so Far (You May Be Surprised!)

As you may know, I teach Inductive Bible Study to 4th-6th graders. What is unique about my class is that I have parents not only help the kids with their homework, but also attend class. It makes for a great “vibe” in the class because the kids see the value of Bible study in the example of their parents, it makes the class feel more grown-up, and we often get deeper, richer discussions. Everybody wins.

Kids Bible Study Revelation

Right now, my class is studying Revelation. I’ve been Continue reading

Technology and Inductive Bible Study- Unlikely Allies?

“Kids these days with their whatzits and their gizmos! All they do is stare at the ding-dang things…”

Admit it. You’ve heard someone express this opinion. (Was it you?) Believe it or not, technology and Inductive Bible Study can be allies. Unlikely allies, maybe. But they can definitely help each other out, and the winner is the young Bible student.

Unlikely Allies: Tech & Inductive Bible Study [youngbiblescholars.com]

There’s no doubt that there are some ways technology can work against kids’ Bible study. I think there are two biggies: Continue reading

FIVE Reasons Kids Can (Absolutely) Do Inductive Bible Study

Most people hear “Inductive Bible Study” and think it sounds very complicated and is for the super brainy. But that’s not the case. The great thing about Inductive Bible Study is that it CAN be very complicated and appealing to the super brainy, but it doesn’t have to be. And it doesn’t start out that way. Your study can deepen over time, but the basics are, well, basic.

5 Reasons Kids Can Do Inductive Bible Study

So, can kids actually learn how to do Inductive Bible Study? I can tell you from first-hand experience the answer is a solid “yes.” I’ve seen children from ages 6 to 12 learn it and love it. Does that mean Continue reading

Free Family Time Activity: Peter Storyboard

Family Time logo

This Family Time activity is totally different than the last one, which makes it easy for you to mix things up! In this activity, you get to tell a story, and kids love a good story. Not only will they learn about the life of Peter, but they’ll have a chance to make a game of it. What I really like is that this one has a follow-up a few weeks later to see what they remember. So, grab your phone and set a reminder! It’s worth it!

FT Peter Storyboard

And don’t forget to swing by their website, Family Time Training, to learn more about this fantastic ministry, and how you can get your hands on more of these activities.

Your Questions, Answered!

What is Inductive Bible Study? What is Precept?

Precept is a ministry that teaches classes and workshops, and publishes books, videos, and other materials for Inductive Bible Study. You may have heard of Kay Arthur? She’s one of the founders and main teachers at Precept.

Inductive Bible Study is a method of studying that teaches you to study for yourself by using the biblical text as your main focus. With practice, you really can learn techniques for studying the Bible that you can use on your own anytime, anywhere, for any book or passage in the Bible.

There are three steps to Inductive Bible Study:

  1. Observation (What does it say?)
  2. Interpretation (What does it mean?), and
  3. Application (How does this meaning apply to my life?)

That’s a broad description of the method; there are a variety of techniques along the way. The reason I am such a believer in it is Continue reading